the pinball of the future

Since the first game of bagatelle was created in 1777, France has been the birthplace of pinball.

Orbital has brought prestige to pinball, bringing it into the digital age. With its amazing curved lines, authentic feel of a real pinball, hundreds of installable tables and a maintenance service to update your games, Orbital will offer you a fascinating and unique gaming experience!

a work of art,

a unique object

An animated sculpture, Orbital fascinates with its incredible lines, its pure design switched on or off, in a futuristic setting or a Haussmannian mansion or a cottage house.



Three years of research and development in computer and electronic engineering to create a fine object that is both aesthetically pure and at the cutting edge of digital pinball technology.

The Orbital casing is made of composite from a specific mold, assembled and hand painted in France.

virtual pinball

with an incredibly

realistic feel

A display with unprecedented precision

Exceptional image and sound

4K LCD near-zero latency monitor, DMD screens projecting table animations and scores, 2.1 sound.

The feel of a real pinball machine

leaf switch buttons, ball launch plunger with potentiometer, bumpers and flippers concealed in the cabinet….

An authentic feel for uncompromising gameplay

7.1 surround system that simulates the feel of the ball on the playfield, shaker, tilt,’s all been thought of.

All the pinball machines of the world and eras n 1

Eight ball Deluxe, Fathom, Medieval Madness, Batman 66, Total Nuclear Annihilation… an infinite number of tables can be installed, from the global “Pinheads” community.

Orbital is sold without tables. Customers can request our help to install all the software for their personal use, at no extra cost.

We also offer Orbital customers a 1-year Gold subscription to VP Universe, enabling them to download any additional table.



Molded packaging in 1 unit, specially designed for Orbital.
Transport provided by our Carrier, specialized in the transport of works of art.
Personalized appointment for installation and set up.
Maintenance contract giving you one year of remote updates and new tables free of charge, to constantly reinvent your gaming experience.

ORBITAL, designed for you

Each Orbital is numbered
Each Orbital is signed and adorned with a plaque bearing your name.
A bespoke table
We can prepare a personalized version of the “eight ball deluxe” table on request, using photos that you provide. Backbox, table background, we create your customized version of this pinball. A definite wow factor!


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